Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Sorry today I don't have a recipe to share today,  I just wanted to give you all an update on a couple things.

I'm trying my best to improve my blog and my photos yugh that is a whole nother ball of wax (who says that anyhow?).

I've been reading articles, bought books and special lights (waiting for the husband to set those up) practiced, practiced, practiced taking photos.  I think if I get a good picture, it was pure luck!

I have accepted that I just don't take good photos.  But I won't give up yet!

I am working on creating a few new recipes that I am excited about,  and will share with you soon!

I did make a really good one last night, I got 1 hubbie got 1,  I left the room for a bit came back and they were all gone!  My 12 year old ate them all!  So they are a winner people, you will like them!

So it's winter (duh) and I am going a little stir crazy already, I keep busy but, I want to get out more. Recently I have been circling things in my seed catalog and dreaming about my garden, getting the spring itch!

So a little bit more about me I will share with you is that 13 years ago we lived in a tiny little house on a large lot of property, we had 2 small children and another on the way.
Well we decided to build a great big house to raise our children in.
And here we are 2 children have flown the coop and we have 1 left in this great big empty house that we love so much.

My Babies (Samantha, Jackson and Alexander)

My son is in the 6th grade, and has been going to school from Kindergarten until now at the same school and will until the 8th grade.  We do not not like the High School choices in our area, So we have been considering moving to our next dream home.

We had a fun idea every weekend we can, we head a new direction in our state to explore cities.  This past weekend we went west, surprisingly we had never been west that we could remember.  Well needless to say we did not find any where that we really liked.

So our adventure continues, heck we have time!

Well there you have it, now you know me a little better.

"I'll be back" (in my Arnold Schwarzenegger voice, you know I had to Google that spelling!).

Friday, January 16, 2015

Cracker Crust Pizza

Kids can be such picky eaters!  My 2 older children will never give eggplant another chance for the rest of their lives thanks to me forcing them to eat it years ago when they were young kids.
And my youngest has a list of foods that he will eat that you can count off on both your hands!
And pizza is one of the top 3!
This pizza he is in love with and I have to agree the crust is perfect!

I tend to shy away from making breads, doughs , sweets etc.... I have not had the best of luck in that department.

This pizza crust was pretty much fool proof, that made me SO happy!  Pat on back!

I am still cooking my way through Amy Thielen's cookbook that I bought myself last summer, so glad that I did too!

In her book there is a tomato sauce that accompanies her Cracker Crust Pizza, I didn't try that with mine only because I have jars upon jars of my own I canned this summer. Yes I can, I started doing that 2 years ago I believe.  I grow TONS of tomatoes, usually 3 variations.  And plenty of other veggies.
Talking about my garden is making me anxious for spring to come!  I have been circling seeds in my gardening catalog recently.

So this is what you will need to make Amy's Cracker Crust:

3/4 Cup Cool Water
1/4 Cup Canola oil
1 Teaspoon fine sea salt (I used sea salt, it did not say fine)
1 Teaspoon sugar
2 Cups flour + Flour for your work space
Parchment paper

How to make it:
Preheat your oven to 500 degrees, with your pizza plate or cookie sheet in the oven.
Start by adding the first 4 ingredients into a bowl and mix well.
Add in 1 cup of flour and whisk until smooth.
Add your next cup of flour and blend in with a wooden spoon.
Flour your work space (a clean surface) and knead your dough for a good 5 minutes.
Now divide that dough into 3 sections making 3 round disk shapes.
Place those onto a wooden surface (cutting board).
And cover with a kitchen towel from 30 minutes to 3 hours. I waited 45 minutes because I had a hungry kiddo and had to get cooking.

Take a sheet of parchment paper and lay down a disk of dough, lay another piece of parchment paper on top of your dough, now start rolling until the dough is approximately 12 inches.
I was hoping my dough would be a round shape like a pizza but I ended up with an oval shape but you know what it tastes the same once it's cooked!
Brush your dough lightly with olive oil and pinch the outer edges of the pizza dough inwards.
Time to start building your pizza! My son's favorite part.  His pizza's take a hot minute to make, sauce, pepperoni and cheese!  But you put any toppings you like on yours sausage, peppers, mushrooms etc.

Bake your pizza for 15-18 minutes

Hope you enjoy, we did!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Smoked Salmon

I'm a lucky girl!  One of my husbands clients recently took a fishing trip to Alaska and brought him a big bag of salmon filets!
The other weekend it was finally over 0 degrees so we started up the grill and decided to smoke some salmon.
Actually it all started the day before I put the salmon in a brine, and that consisted of:

*1Cup water
*1 Cup brown sugar
* 1/2 Cup Maple Syrup
* 1/3 Cup Kosher Salt
And some extra Syrup for basting

What you want to do is mix all those ingredients and place into a plastic container or plastic ziplock bag then add your fish.

You would want to have that marinade for 24 hours.

After that 24 hours is up it's time to start the smoking process.

But first place your fish on a metal grate, such as a cooling rack and pat it dry.  It needs to dry out, don't worry the fish won't go bad it's filled with all that salt now. Let it dry for an hour.

We used our wood burning grill, get your grill warmed up to 100 degrees.  We used maple wood to smoke the fish.

Start cooking your fish scale side down , shut your grill lid (DUH!) and let that go for 2 hours, brush with more syrup and crank it up to 140 degrees.
Repeat the first step brush with syrup and cook for another 2 hours
Guess what time it is!?  Nope not time to eat it.  Time to baste with syrup and crank up to 175 degrees, cook for 2 more hours!
Are you drooling yet?!  I was!
Yeah once those 2 hours are up it's time to grub!

I make a plate with the delicious smoked salmon, an aged Irish Cheddar and Sour Dough bread we just ripped apart and devoured.